akilahquinn (akilahquinn) wrote,


My family has been asking me what I want for my birthday... I can't have what I want for my birthday because Jack is at Maeser Cemetary. I miss him so much.

I probably stay home on saturday. Ty gets paid the 16th and some of his paycheck will go to get my car street legal and registered and what not. Then I will go out and look for a job to help with bills and what not. I got a ford Taurus. Not sure of the year.... 1994 I think. Yeah it's old.... like me. I will be 28. Where did the last ten years go?

I am hoping once I find a job the kids and I will be able to go do more things rather than sitting home and going for walks to Western Park. It's gets old and boring after a while. Been trying to sell stuff we don't necessarily need but even then we don't have much money to do anything.
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