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Here is a challenge for you; Go to the store and get a postcard that has significance of your town, state, etc. It can be an aerial view… animal of the area… temple…. Museum… if your area is known for dinosaurs then send me a dinosaur postcards… if your area is known for haunted building and there are postcards for it then send me that.
Just be sure to explain the postcard to me. For example if it’s an aerial view tell me how many people live there… birth to death ratio… or whatever.
If you would rather go out and take a picture or two or three of what you think represents your area then go do that and be sure to write me a good description on the back of each picture that tells me about that picture.
If you need my address then message me.


I plan to start sending a "Traveling Journal". If you want to join then email me (twoie2002@yahoo.com) and let me know be sure to give me your postal address. I will have two separate ones going on at one time. You don’t have to write in both.

In this “Traveling Journal” you aren’t bound to one theme. You can do one of what I listed or just write a poem you wrote or a short story. You write a letter about your day or a vacation you went on, etc, etc.

Please don’t take up more than 2 sheets of paper (front and back). Please be sure to send it on its way within a week. Let me know when you receive it so I can give you the next address. Also, let me know when you receive it.

1. "About" ~ this one you will just put the highlights of your town/county/state/country. Like a postcard showing your area or a newspaper clipping of something of your town. Tell about a museum or what makes your area interesting (ex: dinosaurs, heritage, etc).

2. "ART" ~ this one you will do something that deals with 'art' like drawing or painting or whatever.

3. "Photographs" ~ Post a photograph you have taken of scenery, landscape, animals, signs, etc. Put a little description under it or next to it.

Please be sure to write your first name (at least) and where you are from (state, town, country).

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