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Ty, Korban, Leland, Vince and I went up to Remember the Maine to eat pizza and drink pop with mom, dad, Susan, Willy and Shawbarrie. Susan and Willy’s birthday is tomorrow and they did sort of a little birthday party type thing today since they work tomorrow.

Leland went and pooped his pants so I had to clean him up and then put my hoodie on him until we got home because I went and forgot to bring extra pants ‘just in case’.

When we got home Korban had a damn boner and I automatically think it’s because he got turned on by Leland not having pants on. What other reason is he going to have a boner for?

The reason I thought this was because back in December I caught him shaking his penis at Vince and Leland. Plus, I am constantly telling him to keep his hands to himself because he keeps trying to put his hands near his brother’s private parts like he wants to touch them or something.

He’s always trying to go down into their rooms with them by themselves when he knows he’s not aloud to. He keeps looking at them with this weird look in his eyes like he wants to grope them or rape them or something.

I wonder about that kid. He is 12 years old and still pees and poops the bed and he acts like its normal. He would soon sit and stare at the wall rather than do his homework or help clean. I can’t even get him to read a simple kindergarten book to his brothers without him whining about it.

I can’t really get him to even go play. He would soon just wander aimlessly around the yard.

His regular doctor says he has ADHD but I think it’s something more. His regular doctor doesn’t really know about this stuff just the fact that he has a hard time focusing in class and is constantly up and down and wandering the hallways at school.

Right now Korban is in counseling at Northeastern Counseling Center and he has to take some kind of class that deals with sexual offenses as community service. Judge charged him with I think it’s called: ‘sexual nuisance’. *shrugs*

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