Ghostly encounters
Has anyone here want to share a story of a ghostly/supernatural/unearthly encounter?

Most of mine happened when I was younger. My parent's property is haunted by a guy we call "Charcoal". He lived in a cabin and it burned down one night and he hasn't seemed to want to leave. My mom has seen his crawling up the stairs all burned up. I have seen him wandering around the property as if he was just going about his business.

When I was over at a friends house I would hear a little girl call out 'mommy' and my husband has said he felt a hand on his shoulder when sitting near a particular bedroom.

What did I do today?
10:30 am went for a ride up on the mountain with my husband and kids.
3pm got back home watched cartoons with kids.
4 pm played on internet while kids played with hotwheels.

What did I learn today?

What did I hear?
my kids screaming and fighting

What did I see?
Brown bear cub, buck and doe

What is weather like?
sunny and cloudless... 90 degrees F

What really bothers you?
What really bothers me is when people will sit there and gossip about someone else's life/business.

Like they will email me and be like 'OMG! So-n-so did this or so-n-so got fired for this. I mean seriously people... we are adults and it isn't our business or place to blab about what has happened in someone else's life. If they want the world to know about what happened in their life then they will post it all over the internet or whatever.

Frustration and impatience
I know I shouldn't be impatient with my children. But I find myself repeating things to them what seems to be a million times. I am trying to teach my 3 1/2 year old his numbers and alphabet. But I get impatient and I try not to show the impatience with him. How long does it take to teach a kid their numbers? Am I starting to early or should I have started months ago? I don't know. I want him to be ready for kindergarten. I tend to get frustrated and impatient to easily. I am wondering if I should put him into preschool and have them try to teach him? Yet I don't really have the money and I don't know if I could get help paying for it from somewhere. any ideas on how to teach him his numbers and what not to get him ready for school?  I just need some advice/help.

Make a list of things that inspire you creatively
1. My children
2. music
3. walks

Not a lot inspires me. This is about all that inspires me. I can get a good story down if I am left alone long enough but it is hard for me to be left alone for more than 5 minutes. My children think they need me constantly. They hate it when I am entertaining myself. They will take whatever I am doing and throw it.

Here I am making some changes in my life. I decided to close my other livejournal account (yin_super_cna). I am slowly working on some changes in my life. Starting with finding a job. My husband bought me a car and now I will go find a job somewhere. I don't care what job I get. Once I get started on a job I will start on other changes in life. Some more drastic than others. But we will get into the changes in life as they happen. Until then bear with me. I am unhappy with my life so I am hoping these changes will make me feel better about my life. My life is uneventful and I hate it. So yeah...


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